Harvard Asian Alumni Summit 2014

2014 ELEVATE Pitch Competition semifinalists announced!

Sixteen semifinalist teams have been selected from an extremely competitive pool of applicants. Selected teams reflect the diversity of the Harvard Asian community: Semifinalists represent at least seven of Harvard’s schools, and team members range from current undergraduates to seasoned alumni.


DNA and bio-tech tracer to detect water contamination
Justine Chow Kmiecik AB ’10, CEO and co-founder
Jake Rudulph, CTO and co-founder
Adam Rigel, co-founder
Paul-Harvey Weiner, co-founder
David Roche, co-founder

Brilliant Bicycles
Designer bicycles employing a vertically-integrated, software-assisted design-to-delivery process.
Kane Hsieh AB ’12, Head of Product
Adam Kalamchi AB ’05, CEO

Cam Med
Innovative multi-drug delivery device/system in the form of a bandage.
Yanzhe Qin SEAS Visiting Fellow, Chairman and Head of R&D
Larry Alberts AB ’84, CEO
Zhifei Ge, Product Design Head

Developing next-generation cancer therapies using antibody-drug conjugates, considerably reducing cancer-treatment side effects.
Allen Lin GSAS PhD Candidate, CTO
Sourav Sinha, CEO
Riley Ennis, COO
Errik Anderson, Chief Advisor

Concierge clothing and wardrobe storage based in Hong Kong, with customizable temperature and humidity settings.
Barbara Yu Larsson AB ’78, founder
Eva Gundersen, designer

Culturally-aware mobile app solution to mental health care delivery in China, including connecting patients to qualified psychiatrists/psychologists.
Xiaomu Yu ’16 HBS , founder and CEO
Yanfang Cheng, co-founder and psychiatrist
Aiden Wang, chief engineer

Six Foods
Imagining an eco-friendly and sustainable future for food in the Western world by leveraging the abundance and nutrition potential of insects as a food source.
Rose Wang AB ’13, CEO/Co-founder
Laura D’Asaro AB ’13, COO/Co-founder
Meryl Natow AB ’13, Creative Director/Co-founder
Jason Qu JD ’14, Legal Advisor
Geoff Lukas, Head Chef, Sofra Bakery

Smarking Inc.
Real-time predictive analytics for parking spaces, reducing supply-and-demand inefficiencies for parking facilities.
Zhewen Dai MLA ’14, designer and co-founder
Wen Sang, CEO
Zhenlong Zhao, CTO

Comprehensive consumer/customer loyalty program solution for small to medium sized business.
Yo Sup “Joseph” Moon AB ’13, Chief Product Officer
Henry Ma, CEO
Alex Xiong, CTO

Cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology using rewritable near field communication (NFC) tags on product packaging
Ben Li COL ’16
Alex Busarov
Yaz Belinsky

Consumer guide via mobile app for wine; a ‘Pandora’ for wines.
Emily Wang AB ’09 MBA ’14, Founder & CEO


Social Enterprise and Non-profit:

Jubilee Project
Entertainment and content to inspire action and increase awareness.
Eric I. Lu AB ’09, Co-Founder and Board Member
Edward Lee AB ’10, Co-Founder and Board Member
Jason Lee, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Elaine Zhou, Chief Operating Officer

One Earth Designs
Enabling families to use efficient cooking tools powered by solar energy; flagship product: SolSource.
Catlin Powers- Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Center for Health and the Global Environment, co-founder and COO
Scot Frank, co-founder and CEO
Clement Lam
Janet Wu
Erica Young

Potluck Energy
Organizing shared solar energy installations for communities and reducing the need for subsidies in the future of solar energy.
Yin Liang, HBS ’15
Michele Lunati HKS ’15, Founder
Mario Orozco
Demetrios Kellari
Henry Nassif

Providing clean drinking water to Uganda through local production of affordable ceramic water filters.
Seul (Kathy) Ku AB ’13-14 HBS ’18, co-founder
John Kye AB ’14, co-founder
Suvai Gunasekaran AB ’13, Engineering Director
Billy Raseman, Country Director

Teaching Garage
Educational venture to encourage and educate students in STEM fields, and become scientific doers of the future; Design SySTEM is a year-long engineering program targeted at elementary school students.
Janice Chong Ed.M ’14, co-founder
Helen Chen, co-founder


ELEVATE 2014 is made possible by the generosity of the following sponsors and individuals:

Samsung Open Innovation Center

William Chang AB ’78


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