Harvard Asian Alumni Summit 2014

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend the Harvard Asian Alumni Summit*

10. Because Shake Shack is now in Harvard Square. Enjoy a Crimson Red Velvet frozen custard while reminiscing about buying textbooks and records at the Coop—yes, there once were rows and rows of vinyl there!

9. Because the gooey, sweet Flour sticky bun might be one of the best connections you’ll ever make at a conference. (Yes, food again. We’re Asian, right?)

8. Because you might meet the next person who will get to name a Harvard school. 

7. Because the edge-of-your-seat ELEVATE Pitch Competition is like if competitive sports married Silicon Valley, minus the overpriced hot dogs.

6. Because you’re curious if Tiger Mom has claws. Come and find out!

5. Because of all the instruments we’ve practiced, the loudest should be our voices.
Hear powerful stories, or tell your own at our first-ever VOICES Storytelling Slam.

4. Because you’ll learn about and hear from the many great Asian-American athletes that come from Harvard. Yep, you read that right.

3. Because President Faust’s Ice Bucket Challenge reminded you of icy Cambridge winters and now you want to visit—minus the whole icy winter part.

2. Because the Kong still serves scorpion bowls.

1. Because hundreds of amazing people will be there. It took four years to pull together this second Summit, and you can’t wait that long for the next one!

*With a nod to Harvard Black Alumni Weekend’s Top 10 List…and David Letterman